Keep calm and be a SuperIntern

A bit more than three months ago, we increased the number of people spending time in our office. In addition to all our employees, it was a refreshment to have new interns again.

They were encouraged to observe, learn from their mentor, adjust to our operating technologies, and accept daily challenges.

All three of them had different sets of skills in the beginning, different fields of knowledge that needed to be upgraded. This helped Niaina, Nešad and Ilija to build a strong communication habit between themselves, and besides building their expertise from mentor's advice, they also learned a lot from each other!

Because of their diverse capabilities, it was decided to go through a complete process of developing a software solution – from scratch.

After successful completion of an internship program, and them coming aboard as new members of our team, they started working on three separate projects.

We were curious how they managed to catch up with new system specifications, technologies, and obligations they were assigned with, during their internship program, but also as employees.

How do you feel about projects you’re now working on, as full-time developers? How difficult it was to adapt and understand a project language – all the logic, procedures, technologies used etc.?

Ilija tells us that he didn’t notice major differences in back-end technologies between internship project and a real production project, but front-end is a whole new chapter. Luckily for him, he already had an encounter with such frameworks while he was at university, and also as an intern of one of their organizations.

Nešad, on the other hand, is a freshman at the university, and didn’t have much formal experience with said technologies. Although, the learning process was long and not so easy, he claims that he is very happy and convinced in his acquired abilities.

Of course, it was a bit challenging when I first got all the documentation and had to examine it with intention to understand procedures and architecture. In the process, I realized it isn’t one of those unnecessary complex solutions. Business logic is quite clear and painless to understand. In addition, I find this project very amusing and the way it brings together various technologies really sparks my interest.”, Niaina answered.

Everyone agreed that it is an exciting new chapter of their growth and business journey.

How exactly did this internship affect your knowledge basis? Are you satisfied with the program and outcomes of your learning process?

I personally think this internship was a great step for my career, and a big leap for me since I have always been oriented mostly to front-end. If I had joined the team directly as an employee, without this thoroughly learning program, I probably wouldn’t have been able to bear with “production” difficulty level and different back-end frameworks. Now I can say that I’m very satisfied with the outcome and the time passed so quickly. It’s a sign of having fun! ”, says Nešad

Niaina adds: “Even though the content was quite similar to a few subjects at my faculty, it definitely upgraded my knowledge, since it was a more advanced program. If I had to make a comparison, I would say I see it as a three-step progress. My curriculum at university was a first step, and upgrading that with new, up to date principles as an intern, elevated me to a higher level. Finally, the third step, is a real work experience, after which there are many new steps to come.

What I personally really liked, is that our mentor was insisting on writing clean code. I’m surely grateful for being able to adopt discipline, code legibility and simplicity. I’m convinced it is a great starting point for me as a developer. Especially, because my personality is purely tactical, logical and I like to think something through before acting.” - Ilija tells us.

When we asked them how they felt about company culture, Niaina told us it really felt like home, while Nešad and Ilija said they felt welcomed from the very first moment. We are so happy to have these wonderful young people on our team!!

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