Let's get on the FAST track!

Goals for our business development this year is, surely, to expand our team of professionals and meet new young, eager candidates. It is a great positive change to have new members in the office!

Merima and Saudin, both had prior experience in learning different technologies, not just in university, but in their free time. They are curious and ready for tasks that are yet to come. 

You are probably already familiar about our 3-month on-site internship for students and young developers. Fast track internship lasts one month, and it includes more complex but essential tasks for such individuals that don’t need a full mentorship program in our office. Intention is to check abilities and prepare developers for our technology stack faster and without loading space capacities.

Let’s meet them

Merima is now at university with a few exams left to graduate, and prior to this program, she has already finished one internship, also in the field of IT.

A few months ago, I decided to look for a job in one of the software companies in BiH, but wasn’t quite ready to move to another city, so I secretly wanted to find something here in Mostar. I only sent one e-mail. That is the only e-mail I ever sent to the potential employer. After a meeting, I agreed to a one-month program internship to get familiar with company’s technologies.”, she said.

Saudin already graduated from university and didn’t have any previous experience since he had focused on faculty obligations during past few years.

I graduated on Thursday and already on Friday I got an offer for this internship, with the help of university professor’s recommendation. Whole internship was organized virtually, and we had some easier tasks for the beginning, and a few more complex later. It was a useful and refreshing experience. After finishing our tasks, we had an interview and were offered to stay on-board.”, Saudin told us.

These two proved that they can really keep up to the tempo of fast-track internship, so we wanted to know if they found this internship rather inspiring or not quite the best approach?

According to Merima, it has been a great opportunity to refresh memory and upgrade already acquired set of skills, through this shorter program. She specially appreciated that the mentor was always available and answered all her questions.

Saudin says he especially liked doing research for tasks that he didn’t encounter with earlier. Whole experience was fun and useful to him and considers it a great introductory program.

How did they like the environment once they came to the office and spent a few days there?

Relaxing and pleasant atmosphere really surprised me.”, Saudin says, “I haven’t had any opportunities to be engaged in teamwork activities especially in open-office space. I was a distance learning student, so sharing office with coworkers is very refreshing.

I was really nervous before coming in, the first day, but realized I had no reason to. It is a very welcoming and warm environment with great young people around.” , adds Merima.“

If you want to become our intern or part of our team you can feel free to contact us!