Why is six a perfect number

This is a story about six students currently starting their career path in software development. A turning point in one's life is certainly gaining firs work experience. In reality, there are so many students in technology field, but low capacities in local companies for all of them to attend an internship program. It is a challenge to be selected and, of course, a great honor to be offered a job after showing needed qualities.

All six of these young individuals study Software development at Faculty of Information Technologies. We claim that different characters and complementary knowledge create a great group. That’s surely the case with these creative students. 

A few of them liked programming from a young age, but some never considered pursuing that career path before applying to University. But, what is most important – no one regrets choosing it and each of them enjoys to work and learn about IT.

Let's see what they had to say about teamwork and their beginnings in IT sector

When we first came to the office, of course we were shy and a bit nervous about how all of this is going to work out. We were quite surprised with positive manners of BreakPoint’s team, the way they initiated contact with us and making us feel equally important. It wasn’t difficult for me to focus, and I also believed that if I work hard I would get an opportunity to join the team. ” - Muhamed tells us

Mentors that were assigned to us were always available and ready to understand our doubts by providing useful tips and advice. We felt guided through the process and empowered to learn. I feel like I’ve got an opportunity to enforce all my theoretical knowledge from faculty and upgrade my practical skills. ” - says Melissa

We wanted to know which level of dedication did this internship require and was it hard to balance other obligations

Tajib says that they had the aspiration to research and practice coding even outside their internship hours. Although, it was a full-time internship program, they still had the energy to learn even more than it was required, almost every day. “We used to go home, take a rest and then call each other on Teams or Skype and discuss about tasks, problems, new solutions etc. It was a fun time but also brought us closer together.

Developers always have something new to learn, but by acquiring basics and really understanding how something functions, you have a good ground to be successful. Do our interns think like this?

This internship gave me a solid knowledge of the system infrastructure and layers, as well as many principles of development that are always applicable, no matter what business logic interconnects with it. By obtaining these crucial things, I believe I will be able to adapt and adjust to any given project. ” - says Azra, and also points out the satisfaction because of the great communication with the team on her assigned project.

We are rarely talking about stress when it comes to a programmer’s job, even though it is a common issue. 

Amir admits he was stressed out in the beginning, about how would they fit into the new environment, or would they be good at completing tasks.”It is normal to worry about something when you really care, but don’t let it become irrational. I realized that I don’t need to worry about failure when I’m giving my best. I am happy here and love working on my project, so stress is down to a minimum now.”

They all agree it is okay to make mistakes and not be perfect, especially while learning, and the fact that their project managers indeed understand this, makes them relax.

What would they advise to young students who haven’t yet decided whether to take an internship? 

”It was demanding to get used to the work tempo of 8 hours in the office, but that quickly contributed to adopting healthy work habits every student can benefit from. So my advice for young people is to invest in their future by seeking practical knowledge and be aware that the future starts now!” – Lamija sends a clear message.

“Whoever is not sure whether to apply for internship in IT sector, do it now! Comparing our knowledge on the first and the last day of the internship, we have to say it’s a GIANT upturn. We wouldn’t be able to respond to work challenges without this internship program, for sure.“- others add

Now let’s elaborate our heading!

Mathematically speaking, six is considered a ‘perfect number’ for a few reasons. We are not going to smother you with some number theories, but if you are a software developer, you probably remember solving tasks with perfect numbers in university :D. Number six represents creating a peaceful and harmonious environment, which matches with our organization culture. We are beyond happy and humbled to have them on our team. Also, six is the most valuable number on a dice, right?

Asides from being different and unique in ways of thinking and coping with challenges, they all share the same passion for working and learning in a well-organized team. Strength that holds them together and gives them motivation to improve is true synergy that creates friendships and remarkable results.

If you are a responsible and openhearted individual with desire to grow in professional aspect, feel free to contact us about internship or job opportunities.