BreakPoint – Education


Our experienced instructors will make sure that you adopt the necessary knowledge in the field of information technologies through various forms of education. Presentation of the basic theoretical principles with practical examples and use of modern tools and technology will contribute to your overall knowledge and understanding of the importance of the use of IT in everyday life. Services we offer under this category include the classical forms of training and seminars, as well as training and seminars on a wide range of topics in computer science. 

In cooperation with us, through education get to know:

  • Computer basics​
  • Office tools​
  • Internet services and their effective implementation​
  • Databases​
  • Programming languages​
  • Application Development​
  • Web development and design​
  • Mobile development​
  • Cybersecurity​
  • Computer Networks​

On your initiative we organize seminars with current topics in the field of application of information systems, from planning to implementation, covering all relevant aspects of the business. Discover how IT trends today can enhance your development and put you a step ahead of the competition.

Together with us answer the following questions: 

  • Do you properly use information technology?​
  • How can online business facilitate and speed up my work?​
  • Is my data safe? What are the risks of misuse or loss of important data?​
  • What is business intelligence and how can it be applied?​
  • What are cloud services and do I need them?
  • What does it mean to rent infrastructure, platform and service as a service?​​