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Students should be in the center of the educational process and therefore it is necessary to constantly strive for improvement of the teaching process. This primarily implies the support to all educational and business processes that occur in an educational institution.

There are various of software solutions that support specific parts of educational and business processes, but these are very often partial solutions that are not able to exchange data. In such cases, one educational institution requires a few software solutions leading to duplication of data and disabling precise analysis and planning. In order to create an integrated solution, we developed a software platform called eUniversity which provides support for e-learning in higher education including following user groups: management, student services, teaching staff and students. University business processes can entirely be supported by this software solution and thus achieve better efficiency in the process of providing services to students.

The eUniversity software platform consists of the following modules:


Teaching plans and programs

Student personal and status data

Exam details

Notifications and documents


Teaching contents


Overview of students data

Exam grading and reporting

Communication with students


Overview of personal and status data (eIndex)

Success overview


Download learning content and other documents


Online enrollment / validation of semesters

Communication with staff


Reports on students (states, cantons, age, gender, status, and others)

Course reports (students, staff, success, and others)

Financial reports (institution, cycle, type, period and others)





Database of questions

Activation of tests/exams

Automatic grading/results

Reporting and analysis

The eUniversity software platform is continuously developing and every day new features appear. In near future, we plan to publish new modules designed for quality assurance in order to fully meet the criteria and standards of higher education.


Online student polling

Rewarding teaching staff, teaching process and available teaching contents

Students progress

Key Institution Performance Indicators (KPIs)

By implementing the eUniversity platform, University staff would have centralized access to all the information necessary for the efficient running of daily activities. This would greatly facilitate their work, shorten the time and improve the productivity of the entire educational institution. 

Since it is based on modern web technologies, implementation and introduction of eUniversity platform into the educational process does not require additional material or human resources, and also maintenance is provided.

If you do not own a system with the aforementioned functionalities, and you feel that it would improve the operation of your institution, please feel free to submit dates for presentations of eUniversity platform during which we can answer all your questions.