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Frequently asked questions

Here you can find questions and answers that are the most common concerns of clients when it comes to the introduction and use of information technology in their daily operations.

Quick support

Quality is a top priority of the BreakPoint Company. One of the main objectives is to listen carefully to the client and to offer him an original solution according to their needs, and thus meet every aspect of quality and reliability.

The BreakPoint Company offers the option of maintaining within the services used to all its clients, where we in a very short period of time function effectively, in order to rapidly remove the problem. The speed of action depends on the complexity of the problem, but with the process of maintaining a lot of problems can be avoided in advance.

The right IT solution is being developed in consultation with our team of experts, where a detailed analysis of the idea and realization of the same is made according to user needs.

To the BreakPoint team e-mail service is the top priority of communication, incoming e-mail messages are read instantly, and we strive to respond within 24 hours to our customers.

The best way to get the answer you need is to contact us by e-mail: or call the number: +387 61 683 110.


Selecting a software solution depends exclusively on the business segment that you want to improve. Sometimes it is better to take advantage of ready-made applications to support business that is standard for most businesses, for example procurement, sales, accounting, human resources and so on. However, if your company has a certain specificity, it is better for you to create a custom application according to your needs.

The time of introducing software depends on several factors, primarily whether you previously used some form of software support, then the defined requirements and their complexity, and eventually from the expertise and willingness of staff to work with the new software solution. Our company gives you a guarantee that from the moment you choose this option, you will have immediately access to a detailed analysis of your needs, and thus the rudimentary estimate of the time that is necessary to implement the software in your company.

All data of your company can be effectively utilized in a new software solution, without losses.

The answer to this question depends largely on the complexity of the application itself, and also from the Company’s budget predicted for maintenance and software development. In general, it is always a better option to replace outdated solutions for new, which are fully supported by technologies of today. In order not to get to that stage, regularly maintain your software and what is most important select a company that will help you.

If you are a long time user of an electronic database or any other form of electronic data storage (excel, word, pdf, etc.), your company is ready for the introduction and implementation of business intelligence systems, allowing you to make better business decisions.