BreakPoint – IT consulting

IT consulting

Our team with years of experience will help you make the most of information technology in order to achieve business goals. Together, we will define your needs, find the best solutions and plan the future development of the system. Whether you own information systems or want to improve existing, please contact us for assistance. Get to know how to choose the right technology solution, reduce operating costs and increase competitiveness in the market.

Services we offer as part of this category:

  • Analysis of the existing condition
  • Analysis and requirements specification
  • System design
  • Development and implementation plan
  • Maintenance plan

Breakpoint security center

No business sector is immune to cyber-attacks. If your system is online, you are the target! Safety decisions you make today can determine the security and resilience for a better future of your organization. Our comprehensive security consulting services will allow you to feel secure in your endeavors and to protect your business, staff, assets and identity.

Reduce the risk

Find existing vulnerabilities in the strategy and learn how to better protect business assets.​​

Mitigate threats

Limit the impact of security incidents through advanced preparation and training.

Achieve compliance

Make sure that your system complies with the latest specifications and standards of the industry and the state.​

Our security consulting services includes:​

  • Assessment of threats and vulnerabilities​
  • Review and development of security policies​
  • Safety audits​
  • Protection of Intellectual Property​
  • Security applications​
  • Data Security​
  • Network Security​
  • Emergencies​
  • Managing and access identities​
  • IT risks​
  • IT security of government organizations​
  • Mobile security services​
  • Management and threat analysis​
  • Penetration testing​