BreakPoint – Software development

Software development

We provide services for development and maintenance of software solutions customized to your needs. Software quality is guaranteed by experts who through their commitment, motivation and ideas provide the best solutions for you. Innovation and use of modern technologies will certainly provide new opportunities, facilitate daily business activities, and reduce the cost of doing business, and thus make you more competitive on the market.

In developing solutions we use the latest Microsoft technologies, and we offer the following services:

Development of bussiness applications

Centralize your data and do secure, streamline and accelerate business activity,
effectively control and reduce operating costs.

Development of web-based solutions​

Make your information available, present to the public through the global Internet network,
become a competitor and increase profits.

Development of decision support systems​

Enhance your reporting system, create a strategic business plan, make timely business decisions
and always be one step ahead.

Upgrades of software solutions​

Enhance your applications to current business requirements and make the most of opportunities
that technology offers.

Maintenance of software solutions​

Prevent downtime of software as fast as possible, ensure smooth operation, ask for our help,
and be sure of your progress.

Our solutions are characterized by high reliability, security and integration with other systems, all of which contribute to the quality of their implementation. High-quality implementation includes the possibility of further growth of the system, high availability and sustainability.


Design and implementation of your business solutions is realized through:

  • Planning and information gathering
  • Requirements analysis
  • System design
  • System development
  • System testing
  • System evaluation

In addition, we offer you detailed and, if necessary, multilingual, user instructions, training for future users, and our continuous support.