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BreakPoint is a company led by a team of experience IT professionals who share their knowledge and expertise through education and active involvement in team projects.

Our work is based on innovation, creativity and the freedom of expression through friendship, team spirit and a lot of effort and dedication, as the main contributors of the company’s success and client satisfaction.

Software development

We provide services for the development and maintenance of different types software solutions.

IT systems and networks

We offer a wide range of system and network services, from design, through implementation to maintenance.

IT Consulting

We will help you make the most of information technology in order to achieve business goals.



We want to increase company’s productivity with our services by introducing the newest technology to daily business activities. With quality ideas of our team of experts, we want to contribute to your business success and help you maintain market competitiveness. Our business is based on transparent relations with clients, concrete solutions and excellent services through which we’re ensuring our own progress and success.

Increasing awareness about the use and adequate implementation of information technologies in solving today’s business challenges.




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